These are basic rules that probably apply to any wiki, so listen up!

  1. No disrespect toward another for any reason. The admins will decide the punishment.
  2. Do not only give aid to someone just because of their status.
  3. Pages cannot be spam. I will give a warning first, and a perma-block the second.
  4. Trolling is NEVER allowed. You will be warned. If you dare do it again, a week block, and 3rd time is perminate block.
  5. Racist, Sexist, or Anti-Semetic language is not allowed. (If you are German or Italian, don't say you killed Jews, but rather you assaulted a city).
  6. Sockpuppeting is NEVER allowed! If you are caught doing it, YOU WILL BE BANNED ALONG WITH YOUR PUPPETS!
  7. That is it, so have fun!

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