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Founding== Winston Churchill decided to create a new unit that can get under Hitler's skin. The Blue Knights became his project. They trained for months before going into battle. After their long training, the Blue Knights quickly excelled in battle. Their new tactics and strategies stunned and appalled the Nazis and forced them to several defeats.


  • Must have served for 4 years already in the British army
  • Must be at least a Captain
  • Must have experience in advanced weapons
  • Must show extreme discipline in training and fighting


Handguns- Webley Revolver, Enfield Revolver, Luger (only 25 total that were stolen from Nazis)

Rifles- Lee Enfield, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, MAS-36

Submachine Guns- Sten, Lanchester, Tommy, MP40 (Only 40, stolen from Nazis)

Machine Guns- Bren, Lewis, BAR, Vickers

The Knights also use regular hand grenades, tanks, anti tank rockets and mortars and have 65 fighter planes


The Blue Knights use tactics similar to Genghis Khan and Crazy Horse. They have multiple men surround enemies and hit them. But first they fake retreating and have another group come behind them to surround the enemy forces

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